Thursday, March 4

Biscuits Roses de Reims A.K.A Pink Biscuits

I love these, so so so so much. It was such a treat at home getting these after school... my mom now even makes a cake with them. Delicious. So naturally, when i stumbled upon the recipe online I HAD to make them. Surprisingly, these were good too, obviously not as good as the real thing, but they were somewhat of a treat :) They are so easy and straightforward to make its unbelievable, moreover their colour just makes you want to eat more!


  • 2 eggs
  • 100g of homemade vanilla sugar / 90g of caster sugar and 10g of store bought vanilla sugar
  • 90g of flour
  • 45g of cornstarch
  • 10g of baking powder
  • red colouring
  • icing sugar for decoration
  1. In a bowl, mix the egg yolks and the sugar and beat for 5 minutes. 
  2. Add one egg white and beat for another 2 minutes. 
  3. Add the red food colouring and the other egg white and beat for 3 minutes. 
  4. Sift the flour, cornstarch and the baking powder together and add to the mix. 
  5. Beat slowly. 
  6. Pipe the mix on wax paper and let crust for about 20 minutes. 
  7. Preheat the oven in the mean time at 180 degrees celsius. 
  8. Bake for 12 minutes. 
  9. Take out from the oven and decorate with icing sugar.
  10. Enjoy!

* You can make many shapes with these biscuits!
* You could always substitute red colouring for blue one!

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