Tuesday, May 18

Super Healthy Banana Ice-Cream

Sorry for the lack of posts... I am currently working full time right now and when I get home, I am just too lazy to even start typing a post! So today I will update with a very simple, barely no step recipe. Livia showed me how to do banana ice cream with no added sugar, milk or anything - just bananas! That's right folks it is super healthy and has the same exact consistence as ice cream and it is ten times more healthy since it is just like eating a banana ---- actually it is eating a banana! Anyhow thanks to the lovely Livia you will now know how to make this too!

  • 3 bananas
  • That's it!

  1. Cut up the bananas in slices as shown in the picture. 
  2. Put in the freezer and let set for at least 2 hours. 
  3. Put the frozen bananas in the mixer and mix until you get an ice cream/mousse like texture. This can take about 5 minutes... persevere it will happen! 
  4. Enjoy!
* You could definitely add chocolate chips, peanut butter, honey, nuts - feel free to customize your healthy ice cream!
* Chopped frozen bananas are a great snack too!

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