Saturday, December 12

Chocolate Bowls and Vanilla Ice-Cream topped with Smarties

These are very very simple to make - you only need chocolate and balloons. Sadly, I didn't have any normal balloons..... So I used the long thin ones that clown shape things with. It was very fun to make. And the night was a success.

Photos here
  1. First blow up the balloon and fill it with a bit of water so it will hold down. 
  2. Dip it in chocolate a few times. 
  3. Put it on parchment paper. 
  4. Continue with other balloons until you do not have anymore chocolate. 
  5. Put in the fridge and let it set for about two hours. 
  1. Remove from fridge and blow up the balloons - you should do this over the sink so that the water doesn't go everywhere. 
  2. After this, fill your cups with whichever topping you may want. 
  3. We used vanilla ice cream and smarties. 

* Very stuffing so make small bowls.


Pam said...

So clever and tasty! My kids would love these.

A. W. Trask said...

You so need to cook for me, damnit. Please cook for me, damnit. All your food looks so tasty, damnit.

I love you, J.



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